dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Storage solution

Everyone always struggles to store their many scrapgoodies and find good storage solutions.
One of those great ideas is the clip-it-up tower that I've seen in many hauls. However, I
simply don't have the counter space or the money to buy such an expensive item.
I wanted to display my letterstickers and other stickers so they are both visable and have them within my reach. I like having these items close when Im crafting so I searched for a more inexspensive solution. And I found it! And where else but at the greatest store on earth...Ikea!

The rail I believe is from the office section, for around 3 dollars. I secured it under the shelf above my desk and it is just perfect! The clips are actually for curtains (also at Ikea, curtain section). They are a little more expensive at 10 dollars a pack, but you do get 24 pieces. (Because they have an opening it's easy to add more )

Hope this idea is useful!

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